Step 1 - Authentication

Welcome! This registration has 5 steps!!

With this registration you receive

  • Main user ID -- your FHS-ID
  • a personal e-mail-address and a mailbox

Your FHS-ID enables you to use a lot of IT services provided by the Computing Center, e.g. WLAN or E-Mail.

First step: checking your authorisation by your ServiceKey. Please follow the further steps and take notice of the advices.

Advice for data protection: This registration and further services of the Rechenzentrum are particulary recorded for technical reasons!

Please enter your Matrikelnummer and your Servicekey and accept the User Policy of the FH Schmalkalden:


Help! I have a question for the Servicekey, the Life, the Universe and for Everything!
42! And in addition, you can find a help for the Servicekey here.